A repeatative love Death or a Life Partnership?

What happens to the wave of emotions that inhabits your body, your mind and your spirit when you first meet someone; that initial spark of tickling flutters, of endless pondering, the daydreaming, the expansion, the awe you are left with in amazement of how you truly feel and connect with this other human that your soul has chosen as a mate.

Is it temporary, like the idea of life? Does it shift and mutate into a different form of love and comfort, does it become dormant, or are we meant to lose that connection with one person in order to start over again with another? Should we be alone with ourselves; are we our own soul mate?

Not everyone has the ability to be monogamous. We believe that we can, but it requires work to stay committed to just one person for the rest of our life.

Why is that?

Why do we have an incredible sense of sureness of our destiny with someone upon our first encounter, and then, a couple of years down the road we blend in with the rest and surrender to the illusion of time to then succumb to the stillness of the comfort of our blended spirits instead of endlessly embracing and cherishing one another like we did in the beginning?

Where has that spark gone and can we ever bring it back to match the beginning of the birth of our relationship? Is it daft to even think that it is possible to stay in true, unconditional love with one person for the rest of our Natural and Spiritual life?

I have the ability to love, unconditionally, everyday, every hour, every minute of mine and my partner’s existence. I do not let challenging moments of life affect me (in a general sense) yet I am deeply affected by the distance that the illusion of time puts in between my relationship and myself. My personality and my genetics bind me to my thought process. I am an over-thinker, overachiever, over-activist, etc…

I do all things in an extreme fashion and it can lead to a self-fulfilled prophecy and a variety of issues and problems within my relationship and I am brave enough to consider and acknowledge those undeniable traits within myself. But that doesn’t excuse the observation that I’ve made based on past relationship experiences that we “give in” to our relationships. We stop trying, we stop learning, we let life get in the way, we let our children affect us, we get lazy and we conform within the walls of our own creation as a partnership and the system is just not working.

Love is a state of being; a feeling….not a choice! If your heart is not feeling for someone anymore, let them go. You can’t force feelings of love into your heart for another. It often happens that love comes and goes for a partner. Relationships are effortless like that between a brother and sister or between a mother and child. It’s purposeful, loving, unconditional and consistent. I hope that someday monogamous relationships can find a common ground among the real meaningful relationships of life but still hold on to that chemical component that ignited the initial reaction of a beautiful relationship to find sustainability as a couple and as journey mates of life.


The Healthy Ego

Motives, driven by fear, triggering a state of paranoia, mistrust and doubt.

Motives, driven by love, triggering a state of joy, compassion, trust and confidence.

One of these sentences pertains to the EGO.

One of these sentences pertains to theĀ SPIRIT of the SOUL and of our internal, eternal LIGHT-SOURCE.

Which one of these two sentences would you associate yourself with and why?

All feelings that enter our temple being to later exit our temple being once it (they) has (have) served its (there) purpose(s) is a direct decent of either the Ego or the Spirit.

  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity
  • Anger
  • Selfishness
  • Arrogance
  • Pity

Above are some example words that stem from the Ego. Life requires balance. Ego is a part of who we are; imbedded in our makeup. It is normally associated with a more negative aspect and regarded as a foul taboo that should be avoided completely. This is simply not the case. The ego should be utilized for its benefits; as a tool to work with our consciousness. We require our ego to help us achieve goals, complete tasks and to basically give us that additional amount of motivational courage. It is a privilege that has been abused by its owner instead of being embraced and recognized for its important role.

  • Happy
  • Serene
  • Thankful
  • Kind
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion

Above are some example words that stem from the Spirit of our Soul. These are positive words of meaning, influence and affirmation and are the beaming light within our darkest moments. Like the Ego, Our Soul is part of who we are and is equally imbedded in our makeup. These feelings are a part of our consciousness and require little thought before action. It’s more instinctual, natural– allowing us to be present and humble towards ourselves and towards others.

Using the Ego for self-fulfillment, personal gain and/or enhancement of any kind will more than likely allow you to reach your short terms goals but with little to no success and with much suffering to the subconscious which will eventually surface to your conscious state.

Abusing the privilege of the Ego will not permit you to obtain any of your long-term goals as the purity and essence of it’s intended use has been removed; devoid of love. You will become a version of yourself that will expel only the feelings associated with just the Ego. This will lead to your unfortunate spiritual decent as you become a prisoner of your negative emotions and reactions. You will be unrecognizable to yourself and to others. Isolation is inevitable.

To emerge from your darkest moments, you require light. The hot sustainable coals of your Spirit need to be reignited once more. You need to surround yourself with intentional and unintentional sources beauty; Love, support, music, sunshine, a positive mind-set, friendship, etc….

Smile, Open your heart and allow yourself to FEEL any and all emotions that enter your body. There is a reason why you experience a vast demonstration of emotions. Don’t suppress them, allow them to flow and flood, create a oneness with them, let them take over as you surrender and then let them go, sending them off with a positive intention and an understanding that you are not afraid of their return.

Diving to the depths: rising to the surface

Are you brave enough to consider that all that is unfolding around you is a direct or indirect response to your patterns of thought and reaction(s) to them? Are you quick to blame outside factors for the negative events that are affecting your internal welfare? Are you notorious for seeking alternative routes from an external motivation to find the answers to your questions instead of seeking an inward path to find the answers? Do you reside in a temporary or sustained state of self-pity?, questioning your self-worth?, living in fear (of either the past or of the unknown)? Do you feel as though you are losing your grip on your relationship with yourself and the reality that follows with this loss?

Are YOU lost?

Now you’re thinking: “ok, what is the purpose behind these questions?”


We are adults living with the mind of a child. We don’t like rules, we don’t agree with authority/punishment and we certainly don’t like being told what to do. We don’t like to face our inner infliction so instead we project them onto fellow humans, places, events, situations and things. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of a quiet protest in refute of conformity, suppressing our personal beliefs, rights and ideals. But there is a difference between accepting responsibility for your own actions instead of finding methods of escaping them–and doing something revolutionary that defends and protects your character in respect to your values that are of importance to you. Excuses devalue and compromise your progress in this realm and should not be exercised on a regular basis. There are some situations that are out of your control and in the hands of the Universe. The plan is laid out in sequence as it is meant to happen but you do play a big part in the evolution of your destiny and will indeed impact the outcome of this detailed plan. The animal portion of your frontal lobe of your brain opens when threat arises and you react on instinct based on the “fight or flight” mechanism. So, even within a split second of this response, you are still left with a choice; to fight or to surrender. This response is no different when reacting to any situation of direct thought decent; will you face the thought with the intent of overcoming whatever it may deliver you or will you be passive and look for an escape plan to avoid it or find reason to pass it on to someone else that you’ve so selfishly seduced into mental hypnosis through manipulation tactics of any sort just to capture enough of their attention so you can distract them long enough to sweep your problems under your proverbial version of a “rug”?

Do not succumb to this enslaved way of thinking. Do not let your thoughts control you when you have complete control over your thoughts. Remember, that no matter what, you are loved and your ideas of who you think you are pale in comparison to who you really are.

Ascension of self

Illusion of self is simply that–an illusion. Forget your eagerness to be the time keeper, to hold space for more than you require. Time is also an illusion; the only existence worth tracking is the present moment of now.
Your thought process is separate from your true self. It is temporary. With your allowance and patience, all unnecessary and contrary patterns of thought will dissipate and vanish because it doesn’t nor has it ever been the definition of your true self.
Allow yourself to vibrate at your highest possible frequency on your most inspiring of days. Then, allow yourself to float upon your lower frequencies on the days that your true self requires rest.
You only recognize your brightest light within your darkest moments.
Embrace the ever-changing flow of the balance within your current Universal experience. Accept the shift of your own consciousness as you become more in tune and aware of yourself and of the ones around you.
Remain in silence to feel the warmth behind your smile that is no longer forced. Take a deep breath and feel the spaciousness in the moments of pause. Feel your heart expanding as you surrender to just letting go of all that no longer serves you purpose.

“When the bird is alive, it eats ants. When the bird dies, ants eat the bird. Time and circumstances can change at anytime. Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be powerful today, but remember that time is more powerful than you. One tree makes a million match sticks but only one match stick is needed to burn a million trees. So be good and do good.”


Getting lost in the service of others

Three of the most defining moments of your life are: the day you were born, the day you figure out why (your purpose on earth) and the day that you expire.
What do you feel when you see someone crying, someone begging, someone that is hurt or hurting? You feel an overwhelming urge to want to help don’t you? You’re overcome with worry and willingness to rescue them and make them comfortable once more. Do you know what that is? That undeniable emotion that trails what I mentioned above? Compassion! It is a sacred emotion felt by all humans for all humans. We can’t help it, it’s programmed, instilled, instinctual and it is what makes us human.
Somewhere along the lines of a corrupted society, with the powerful celebrity and media influences of suggested fashion sense, beauty ideals and sexual orientation, we have put ourselves and our sprouting ego’s before the well-being of other’s.
We have become disconnected as a race therefore going against the very nature of our purpose.
Although it is extremely important to care about ourselves, it is by helping others that we find strength in helping ourselves. By tending to other’s needs, you are in turn tending to your needs.
Performing acts of kindness and/or volunteering your time to the service of other’s without expectation or assumption of recognition for a job well done, is the best way to fill your soul with the most selfless gifts that will reward you over and over again until the time comes that you are in need of human contact through compassion.
All it takes is one small gesture of consideration for your fellow earth-brother or earth-sister that will rekindle your relationship with your compassionate self.



Do credentials define our Intelligence?

Not including post-elementary and post-secondary education, children of today will dedicate roughly 900 hours of precious time to Elementary Academics.
Children are limited to a small space for 5 hours (nearly consecutively) a day with only a couple of breaks and about a 45 minute (or less) lunch time.
Besides the mundane and repetitive predetermined subjects that are structured and governed that children are expected to absorb, understand and appreciate within a certain period of time, it is also expected of the child to learn in an environment under the pretext of understanding that he/she is to remain attentive, still and respectful of the teacher and fellow students.
How is this to be expected from an individual barely emerging from toddlerhood to take on the similar conforming responsibilities as adults do?
Is this form of adaptation necessary? Are we so ignorant of the child’s precise cognitive and spiritual development that we choose to bypass the natural and functional evolution of their progressive minds?
The most critical time for a child’s internal growth is from birth to seven years old. We have been the exact same person since we were seven years old. Seven seems to be a magical number in this case as we also go through numerous biological and physiological changes as well. Even though we are the same person on the inside (personality, our inner light) our outer structural selves shift and alter every seven years including our DNA.
So, why is it that if the child doesn’t comply or fall within the expected guidelines of learning these predetermined subjects that it is automatically the child’s fault and they are therefore labelled as disruptive and/or mentally delayed? Why aren’t we questioning the source of these accusations or the real reason(s) why these children aren’t “performing”.
The selfless teachers, with what I’d like to believe are good intensions for the success of their students are under an extreme amount of pressure to meet deadlines, have an academically gifted class and keep an incredible amount of composure while dealing with the stresses of the rambunctious children who would rather be outside being exposed to what their instincts drive them to be attracted to; lessons that will enhance their life such as: Nature therapy and our connection and undeniable

calling to be with it, meditation and stillness, pure creative flow and re-establishing the encouragement of Imagination. The interest of the child is rarely considered. Instead of building a strong sense of self as a first priority, it is placed last, behind conformity, expectancy, reliability and reward. This, in turn, weakens ones character, allowing social pressure and social expectation to impact the value of ones intelligence.
It is expected of us to dedicate a large portion of our life to education so we can sacrifice integrity, friendships, time, moments and cause financial burden so we can obtain respect, acknowledgement and a degree in a field that we may or may not have chosen on our own (perhaps through the vicariousness of our persistent parents), seek out a career, post-graduation, which may take many months or even years to finally land a temporary mediocre “job” to be able to pay off all of the debt that you have managed to accumulate and we are asked to be grateful for the opportunity to work for monetary reward for the rest of our lives and possibly never encounter our true calling that we initially set out for in the first place?
Is our intelligence, the initial awakening spark of the mind that came long before an idea ever sprouted or the exposure to any literature really measured by credentials?; a small piece of paper indicating the amount of time we spent researching through old, regurgitated book knowledge, the amount of sleepless nights spent cramming and studying for a 50/50 chance of recognition in the direction of either praise or disappointment delivered by an individual that has a substantial amount of control over the outcome of your entire academic experience or the financial burden that has been placed (both short and long term) upon your shoulders?
Is that what our intellectual worth has been limited to? Should we not be celebrating the beauty of the child’s mind and guide them in the appropriate direction of a path that they themselves choose to take? Should we not be encouraging ideas, mistakes (and allowing them to take ownership of their own mistakes that leads to the likelihood of self resolution and acceptance of the mistake made and the progression that arises from that), experiences, exploration, adaptation, self-love, compassion, etc.?
As the cycle of our current life comes to an end, what will be the events in your life that you would be most proud of leading up to those final moments? Will you have surrendered to the conformity of having your intelligence measured by predetermination or will you be limitless and live by your purposeful journey within the timeframe that you have been gifted until your last meaningful and precious breath?

The choice is yours.


Meditation Mantra

Pause. Bring forth the reconnection to your center being. Stillness and silence. You are here, you are now, you are present. You are not one minute ago, you are not tomorrow, YOU…ARE…NOW.

Stay and remain true, peaceful and seek out your bliss. Meditate now and forevermore to better your mind and to relieve your subconscious which, in turn, with nourish your soul and spirit source. This will not only impact you, it will impact humanity in it`s entirety.

The mind is like a child. It reacts on stimuli; bright colors, attractive images and alluring sounds. In order to think clearly, we need to quiet the mind and listen to our inner voice. The silence among the noise andĀ  the stillness within the chaos that the mind tends to deliver.

The mind can create fabrications of what our soul knows to be true and simple philosophies. But it can also supply us with the most beautiful and profound insight.

It depends entirely on how we perceive the thought and how we allow it to affect our being. The mind and body are connected yet we are not a mind nor a body. We are far beyond that. It is a powerful influence that can act as a tool or a crutch. We are in a perpetual state of the “here and now”. Time is our only source of reliance and truth.