Inward Perception

Perfection upon perfection, perfection within perfection, perfection surrounding perfection.

We can co-exist with the idea of perfection when we surrender to the existence of the meanings origin.

It’s the awkwardness of technicalities, the ignorant invisibility of sense, the partial removal of emotion, the fears birthed from thought, the inability to release.

The cloud barrier drawn from the center of the inexplicable vortex of internal struggle hovers above our crown like a vulture hovers over death and decay. It will remain until all is consumed, digested and eliminated.

Your legacy is determined by your dedication to your current human form and will echo beyond the dimensions of your future selves.

Wander through the wonder of the things that cause your grasp to fall short and get lost in the forests of your mind to eventually stumble upon the iridescent transparency of your own reflection.

Balance on the stillness of your shadow during memory dancing. Close your eyes long enough to feel the winds gentle diamond kisses upon your tear stricken face of joyful reminders.

Cling to the depths of the unknown until you learn to love the vibration of your traveling light.



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