Meditation Mantra

Pause. Bring forth the reconnection to your center being. Stillness and silence. You are here, you are now, you are present. You are not one minute ago, you are not tomorrow, YOU…ARE…NOW.

Stay and remain true, peaceful and seek out your bliss. Meditate now and forevermore to better your mind and to relieve your subconscious which, in turn, with nourish your soul and spirit source. This will not only impact you, it will impact humanity in it`s entirety.

The mind is like a child. It reacts on stimuli; bright colors, attractive images and alluring sounds. In order to think clearly, we need to quiet the mind and listen to our inner voice. The silence among the noise and  the stillness within the chaos that the mind tends to deliver.

The mind can create fabrications of what our soul knows to be true and simple philosophies. But it can also supply us with the most beautiful and profound insight.

It depends entirely on how we perceive the thought and how we allow it to affect our being. The mind and body are connected yet we are not a mind nor a body. We are far beyond that. It is a powerful influence that can act as a tool or a crutch. We are in a perpetual state of the “here and now”. Time is our only source of reliance and truth.



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