Getting lost in the service of others

Three of the most defining moments of your life are: the day you were born, the day you figure out why (your purpose on earth) and the day that you expire.
What do you feel when you see someone crying, someone begging, someone that is hurt or hurting? You feel an overwhelming urge to want to help don’t you? You’re overcome with worry and willingness to rescue them and make them comfortable once more. Do you know what that is? That undeniable emotion that trails what I mentioned above? Compassion! It is a sacred emotion felt by all humans for all humans. We can’t help it, it’s programmed, instilled, instinctual and it is what makes us human.
Somewhere along the lines of a corrupted society, with the powerful celebrity and media influences of suggested fashion sense, beauty ideals and sexual orientation, we have put ourselves and our sprouting ego’s before the well-being of other’s.
We have become disconnected as a race therefore going against the very nature of our purpose.
Although it is extremely important to care about ourselves, it is by helping others that we find strength in helping ourselves. By tending to other’s needs, you are in turn tending to your needs.
Performing acts of kindness and/or volunteering your time to the service of other’s without expectation or assumption of recognition for a job well done, is the best way to fill your soul with the most selfless gifts that will reward you over and over again until the time comes that you are in need of human contact through compassion.
All it takes is one small gesture of consideration for your fellow earth-brother or earth-sister that will rekindle your relationship with your compassionate self.




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