Diving to the depths: rising to the surface

Are you brave enough to consider that all that is unfolding around you is a direct or indirect response to your patterns of thought and reaction(s) to them? Are you quick to blame outside factors for the negative events that are affecting your internal welfare? Are you notorious for seeking alternative routes from an external motivation to find the answers to your questions instead of seeking an inward path to find the answers? Do you reside in a temporary or sustained state of self-pity?, questioning your self-worth?, living in fear (of either the past or of the unknown)? Do you feel as though you are losing your grip on your relationship with yourself and the reality that follows with this loss?

Are YOU lost?

Now you’re thinking: “ok, what is the purpose behind these questions?”


We are adults living with the mind of a child. We don’t like rules, we don’t agree with authority/punishment and we certainly don’t like being told what to do. We don’t like to face our inner infliction so instead we project them onto fellow humans, places, events, situations and things. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of a quiet protest in refute of conformity, suppressing our personal beliefs, rights and ideals. But there is a difference between accepting responsibility for your own actions instead of finding methods of escaping them–and doing something revolutionary that defends and protects your character in respect to your values that are of importance to you. Excuses devalue and compromise your progress in this realm and should not be exercised on a regular basis. There are some situations that are out of your control and in the hands of the Universe. The plan is laid out in sequence as it is meant to happen but you do play a big part in the evolution of your destiny and will indeed impact the outcome of this detailed plan. The animal portion of your frontal lobe of your brain opens when threat arises and you react on instinct based on the “fight or flight” mechanism. So, even within a split second of this response, you are still left with a choice; to fight or to surrender. This response is no different when reacting to any situation of direct thought decent; will you face the thought with the intent of overcoming whatever it may deliver you or will you be passive and look for an escape plan to avoid it or find reason to pass it on to someone else that you’ve so selfishly seduced into mental hypnosis through manipulation tactics of any sort just to capture enough of their attention so you can distract them long enough to sweep your problems under your proverbial version of a “rug”?

Do not succumb to this enslaved way of thinking. Do not let your thoughts control you when you have complete control over your thoughts. Remember, that no matter what, you are loved and your ideas of who you think you are pale in comparison to who you really are.


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