The Healthy Ego

Motives, driven by fear, triggering a state of paranoia, mistrust and doubt.

Motives, driven by love, triggering a state of joy, compassion, trust and confidence.

One of these sentences pertains to the EGO.

One of these sentences pertains to the SPIRIT of the SOUL and of our internal, eternal LIGHT-SOURCE.

Which one of these two sentences would you associate yourself with and why?

All feelings that enter our temple being to later exit our temple being once it (they) has (have) served its (there) purpose(s) is a direct decent of either the Ego or the Spirit.

  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity
  • Anger
  • Selfishness
  • Arrogance
  • Pity

Above are some example words that stem from the Ego. Life requires balance. Ego is a part of who we are; imbedded in our makeup. It is normally associated with a more negative aspect and regarded as a foul taboo that should be avoided completely. This is simply not the case. The ego should be utilized for its benefits; as a tool to work with our consciousness. We require our ego to help us achieve goals, complete tasks and to basically give us that additional amount of motivational courage. It is a privilege that has been abused by its owner instead of being embraced and recognized for its important role.

  • Happy
  • Serene
  • Thankful
  • Kind
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion

Above are some example words that stem from the Spirit of our Soul. These are positive words of meaning, influence and affirmation and are the beaming light within our darkest moments. Like the Ego, Our Soul is part of who we are and is equally imbedded in our makeup. These feelings are a part of our consciousness and require little thought before action. It’s more instinctual, natural– allowing us to be present and humble towards ourselves and towards others.

Using the Ego for self-fulfillment, personal gain and/or enhancement of any kind will more than likely allow you to reach your short terms goals but with little to no success and with much suffering to the subconscious which will eventually surface to your conscious state.

Abusing the privilege of the Ego will not permit you to obtain any of your long-term goals as the purity and essence of it’s intended use has been removed; devoid of love. You will become a version of yourself that will expel only the feelings associated with just the Ego. This will lead to your unfortunate spiritual decent as you become a prisoner of your negative emotions and reactions. You will be unrecognizable to yourself and to others. Isolation is inevitable.

To emerge from your darkest moments, you require light. The hot sustainable coals of your Spirit need to be reignited once more. You need to surround yourself with intentional and unintentional sources beauty; Love, support, music, sunshine, a positive mind-set, friendship, etc….

Smile, Open your heart and allow yourself to FEEL any and all emotions that enter your body. There is a reason why you experience a vast demonstration of emotions. Don’t suppress them, allow them to flow and flood, create a oneness with them, let them take over as you surrender and then let them go, sending them off with a positive intention and an understanding that you are not afraid of their return.


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