Not your average Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a destructive process. All that you have ever learned is being challenged. You are angry, confused, emotionally charged and perhaps even slightly angry. Luckily for you, you have entered a normal part of the process. Trust it, stay in the moment and let it happen!

Appreciate the beauty in all that is unfolding before you as your dream cycles wake and your third eye opens.

The color will return to your face as you begin to breathe again from a state of dormancy and from the apnea of your slumbered mind.

Your lips shine as you are now able to verbally dictate what your thoughts have paralyzed.

You are crystallizing, shape-shifting and taking your temporary form as everything begins to make sense to you now. This is whom you have always been only now, you have been brought back to the surface.

Welcome to your awakening!




Inward Perception

Perfection upon perfection, perfection within perfection, perfection surrounding perfection.

We can co-exist with the idea of perfection when we surrender to the existence of the meanings origin.

It’s the awkwardness of technicalities, the ignorant invisibility of sense, the partial removal of emotion, the fears birthed from thought, the inability to release.

The cloud barrier drawn from the center of the inexplicable vortex of internal struggle hovers above our crown like a vulture hovers over death and decay. It will remain until all is consumed, digested and eliminated.

Your legacy is determined by your dedication to your current human form and will echo beyond the dimensions of your future selves.

Wander through the wonder of the things that cause your grasp to fall short and get lost in the forests of your mind to eventually stumble upon the iridescent transparency of your own reflection.

Balance on the stillness of your shadow during memory dancing. Close your eyes long enough to feel the winds gentle diamond kisses upon your tear stricken face of joyful reminders.

Cling to the depths of the unknown until you learn to love the vibration of your traveling light.


Salutations and Welcome!

Namaste, Friends, Like-minded earth-dwellers, Light-workers, brothers and sisters;

Welcome to my Blog. It is a place for inquiring minds and for rested or weary souls to call home.

My Name is Courtney, I am a mother of five beautiful earth babies and journey-mate to my one and only, Stephen. I am a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach ( Paul Chek: HLC Level 1) and Personal Trainer. I follow a very unconventional way of living that has fortunately become more mainstream over the last few years or so. My only hope is that the intention behind the reasoning for this shift comes from a purposeful place of purity within ourselves and is not followed as a “trend”. When we stop for a moment to reflect and realize that we are standing on the side of the majority’s way of thinking and reacting, then I think it’s safe to say that it is time for us to reassess our lives as a whole. We were meant to walk against the masses, to swim against the current and to never, ever stop asking questions to expand our knowledge as well as expand our consciousness.

We, as human beings were also meant to thrive. To sustain a healthy and happy life free of negativity, influences, expectancies; basically all emotions associated with fear; an emotion completely devoid of positivity and one that is learned over the course of life rather than an emotion like love, that we are born with. With Television and all of its fear-mongering, mineral depleted foods, contaminated water, our reaction to stress, lack of physical activity, unhealthy relationships, technology, misconception, misinformation, misinterpretation, poor sleeping habits, alcohol, prescription medication, social expectations, social pressures, etc…we are very DIS-eased organisms. Infested and unbalanced. Surviving and not living. What, may I ask, is the point? Would you be so brave to consider that you are in direct control of most of it?

There are few things in life that we have control over and that is something that we have to humbly accept and overcome. But what are the things that we do have control over? Thoughts? Reaction? The foods or non-foods that we put into the hole in the bottom of our face? Have you ever noticed that you may be quick to blame “situations” on other things, events or people? Would you be willing to consider that it is rarely the situation in itself, but rather our reaction to it?

There is also the illusion of “separation”. That we are individual beings of energy walking around completely separate from everything and all other forms of life instead of reflecting on the possibility that there is a reason why the roots of trees resemble the veins in our arms or how the inside of a walnut looks like the inside of our brain. The undeniable is prevalent.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. I will touch on these subjects as well as a vast array of so many beautiful and enlightening topics that will enhance whom you already are as a person and aid you in becoming the best possible version of yourself… baby step at a time. The awakening process is certainly not an overnight process nor was it ever intended to be. Go at your own pace and be prepared to be sometimes disturbed, confused and possibly angered because all of your deep-rooted beliefs are now being challenged making you hungry to uncover even more answers to your deepest and most important questions.

*I politely ask that you keep in mind that my blog is a product of my own thinking. They are my opinions paired with knowledge learned through my personal and professional studies where I will always show credit for. I am not a medical Doctor nor do I have the desire to be one. I am a human being exercising my free will and free thinking put into my own words.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my articles. Love and Light to you all!